Vestibular ataxia

I had been having problems keeping my balance for some time (causing me to fall over for no apparent reason while walking down the street) when I was encouraged to try homeopathic treatment to see if it might help.

I knew very little about it but was happy to try anything as my falling over was getting worse. I was immediately impressed with the homeopathic approach which was the most holistic, respectful and gentle treatment I had ever had and I felt very comfortable with Francesca whose sincerely caring, open and professional approach was very refreshing and reassuring to say the least. Feeling that Francesca genuinely cared about helping me made a huge difference. She created a safe space that allowed me to open up and look at every aspect of my life and not just the issue that was causing me problems.

I am very pleased to say that the sessions with Francesca and the remedies she prescribed which I took over the course of several months meant the treatment was 100% successful and as an added benefit it also changed my view of my own health and wellbeing for the better in the process.