Chronic Tonsillitis

My daughter started seeing Francesca when I decided that traditional medicine was not helping her tonsillitis.
Prior to that, my daughter was prescribed four courses of antibiotics during a two months period and still she didn’t feel any better. Eventually she got admitted into hospital with a high fever, which couldn’t be treated by antibiotics. She stayed there for 12 days. I knew that I had to find a different type of treatment and Homeopathy was my last hope to improve my daughter’s condition permanently.
I must report that Francesca has had amazing results helping my daughter. After two months of taking the homeopathic remedies, my daughter hasn’t had a cold or tonsillitis like she used to. She has had her life back and become a happy, lively and joyful child again. Fancesca has become an irreplaceable support system in my daughter’s overall wellness. She is a caring and compassionate professional and I appreciate her gentle and calm energy and her willingness to help.

I have tremendous respect for her knowledge and expertise.

Thank you for making us feel in safe hands!