I made an appointment to see Francesca for a psoriasis condition. I had a big patch covering the back of my neck and I was suffering from many other symptoms, such as Candida and not least from weight loss, due to having been on a very restricted candida diet for the previous eight months. My psoriasis symptoms had reduced slightly but the candida symptoms had not fully disappeared and I was anxious about further weight loss, my general appearance and whether the candida condition would ever run its course.
Francesca took a holistic approach to my treatment which involved supporting my emotional and physical state and putting them in better balance.
I saw continual improvement over a period of six months with visits to Nelsons every four to six weeks to review progress and tweak treatment accordingly. The visits themselves were reassuring and I felt very supported.

I am happy to say that with Francesca’s help I have now fully recovered but with a better sense of how I need to stay in balance.

I would certainly recommend Francesca and will return to her in the future if and when I need a total approach to my well being.