Complex social needs

My son has complex social needs which made school and home life challenging. Francesca’s warm rapport and patience helped to understand my son’s needs and she gave a series of homeopathic remedies which has helped him immensely.

I would highly recommend Francesca if you are searching for a homeopath. 


Otitis media

I’m seeing Francesca with my 16-month-old for the past months to treat her chronic ear infection and she has helped us a great deal. I can see baby Olivia growing stronger and more confident with the help of Homeopathy. Most importantly Francesca helped me to gain confidence and trust in these natural remedies so we now don’t even need antibiotics or any fever downers which was the monthly treatment for Olivia before. Francesca also teaches me some knowledge of Homeopathic remedies so I can learn how to home-treat common issues like teething or colds. 

I’m so pleased to have found a very sensible and gentle Homeopath and will continue to recommend her to anyone who seeks medical help. 


Chronic tonsillitis

Francesca’s empathic and holistic approach to health has been key in treating our daughter who had chronic and acute tonsillitis.

For over three years she suffered frequent bouts of it and seemed to be generally unwell most of the time. Francesca treated her deeply and our reliance on antibiotics has diminished as we have seen our daughter’s immunity strengthened considerably. She is now able to shake off sore throats and infections that once threatened her well-being. I feel we have got our old daughter back.

We will be continuing to use Francesca for all our ailments and stress both physical and emotional.

Thank you.

Emily – SE 4


My 5.5-year-old son has eczema hayfever and other allergies.

Francesca introduced me to a whole new world in dealing with these conditions via homeopathy. I’ve been pleased to see good results even in a very a topic sensitive case.

Francesca has been responsive, supportive and very attentive. She has fully understood my very complex child and has made a huge impact on his health and well being.

Highly recommend!

K. Jassi, London

Chronic Tonsillitis

My daughter started seeing Francesca when I decided that traditional medicine was not helping her tonsillitis.
Prior to that, my daughter was prescribed four courses of antibiotics during a two months period and still she didn’t feel any better. Eventually she got admitted into hospital with a high fever, which couldn’t be treated by antibiotics. She stayed there for 12 days. I knew that I had to find a different type of treatment and Homeopathy was my last hope to improve my daughter’s condition permanently.
I must report that Francesca has had amazing results helping my daughter. After two months of taking the homeopathic remedies, my daughter hasn’t had a cold or tonsillitis like she used to. She has had her life back and become a happy, lively and joyful child again. Fancesca has become an irreplaceable support system in my daughter’s overall wellness. She is a caring and compassionate professional and I appreciate her gentle and calm energy and her willingness to help.

I have tremendous respect for her knowledge and expertise.

Thank you for making us feel in safe hands!

Natallia B. Bedford