Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain

I got to know about Francesca through my son who had a major improvement within 6 months of being treated for his Psoriasis. I started the treatment for Arthritis pain in June 2018. Other than the pain I had stiffness and trouble in walking plus the usual aches and pains in other parts of the body.

Within 4 months I started feeling a difference, my stiffness is already to a very low level now and I have had a major change in pain and I am able to walk now without any difficulty, so it is about 60% difference in pain and my overall condition. I am very happy and satisfied with my ongoing treatment.

Husna Bukhari, London

Joint Pain/Mental Health Problems

I first heard about Homeopathy when I met Francesca six years ago. I was sceptical at first as I was suffering from chronic joint pains and mental health problems. I see Francesca regularly and have found that the remedies I’m given work better and quicker than conventional medication. I highly recommend it.

G. Akers


Many of the treatments and supplements that Francesca has recommended, and homeopathic remedies that she has given to me, have helped tremendously, especially for my allergies, fatigue and arthritis.