Complex social needs

My son has complex social needs which made school and home life challenging. Francesca’s warm rapport and patience helped to understand my son’s needs and she gave a series of homeopathic remedies which has helped him immensely.

I would highly recommend Francesca if you are searching for a homeopath. 



I went to see Francesca as I was feeling low and didn’t want to go on any conventional medication.

I am very grateful I made this choice as this was a positive experience. Francesca provided a detailed assessment and she listened to me before recommending the homeopathic tablets. What I took was of great help and the remedies worked. I felt better and without any side effect.

I recommend Francesca and trust her professional knowledge and experience.

Vanessa, SE London

Joint Pain/Mental Health Problems

I first heard about Homeopathy when I met Francesca six years ago. I was sceptical at first as I was suffering from chronic joint pains and mental health problems. I see Francesca regularly and have found that the remedies I’m given work better and quicker than conventional medication. I highly recommend it.

G. Akers