5 months ago I’ve experienced hair loss and Alopecia, I visited Francesca in the clinic and I started taking some homeopathic medications, serums and shampoos we took some appointments on facetime, today my hair started to grow again and I’ve seen a great improvement, she helped me to get over it with amazing results.

Arwaa Nassief


I have been an eczema sufferer for nearly 3 years now and it got to a stage where I would get it so severely on my hands, scalp and face that I couldn’t leave the house without wearing cotton gloves. The eczema was constantly itching and my hands were bleeding as the skin was so brittle and inflamed. The only thing that helped was a very potent cortison cream and I really did not want to be dependent on something that thins the skin and is generally bad for your health. I was looking for alternative ways to battle my eczema, had tried a lot of things but nothing helped.

Francesca approached the problem from within and helped me find the root of it. A mixture of natural moisturising creams, homeopathic pills/globuli to help aid my emotional state and stress levels, changing my diet plus the emotional support she gave me talking through my problems at the one-to-one sessions, did the trick.

I am now glove free and able to tackle the breakouts before they even happen. I’ve got my hands back, and all without needing cortison creams!

Sally Cooper, London


My 5.5-year-old son has eczema hayfever and other allergies.

Francesca introduced me to a whole new world in dealing with these conditions via homeopathy. I’ve been pleased to see good results even in a very a topic sensitive case.

Francesca has been responsive, supportive and very attentive. She has fully understood my very complex child and has made a huge impact on his health and well being.

Highly recommend!

K. Jassi, London


I made an appointment to see Francesca for a psoriasis condition. I had a big patch covering the back of my neck and I was suffering from many other symptoms, such as Candida and not least from weight loss, due to having been on a very restricted candida diet for the previous eight months. My psoriasis symptoms had reduced slightly but the candida symptoms had not fully disappeared and I was anxious about further weight loss, my general appearance and whether the candida condition would ever run its course.
Francesca took a holistic approach to my treatment which involved supporting my emotional and physical state and putting them in better balance.
I saw continual improvement over a period of six months with visits to Nelsons every four to six weeks to review progress and tweak treatment accordingly. The visits themselves were reassuring and I felt very supported.

I am happy to say that with Francesca’s help I have now fully recovered but with a better sense of how I need to stay in balance.

I would certainly recommend Francesca and will return to her in the future if and when I need a total approach to my well being.

Vanessa Swann