ME/Chronic Fatigue/Fybromyalgia

I have received treatment from Francesca for over 10 years. My condition is ongoing and often causes immobility, I’m registered disabled. Without Francesca’s homeopathic treatment I’m not quite sure how I would have coped. Francesca is patient, caring and extremely good at being able to listen, interpret diagnostically in a way that has a positive and often immediate physical effect on my varying conditions. This allows me to be in life as an active and multi-talented creative.

I’m extremely grateful and anticipate my continuation of this wonderful treatment in years to come with great gratitude, relief, and joy.

Thank you.

Ms Ebun Culwin


To Francesca

It was really a blessing to get your homeopathic medical support in time of need.

I found your diagnosis, intervention and medicines very helpful, particularly the treatment you prescribed for disturbed sleep.

Thank you very much!

S.B. (SE10)

Hot Flushes

I had just turned 50 when I recently went to see Francesca for my appointment. Clearly knew I was peri menopausal and my symptoms had been getting quite bad – extreme and frequent flushes and sweats day and night! Poor sleeping! Irritable! And an overall lack lustre for life. I had lost my joke de vivre all of which so unlike me. I have a very stressful job anyway so used to dealing with lots at once but it was at the point I felt impacting me in work and at home. Going to see Francesca and having her analysis made a difference almost straight away. Certainly by week two after seeing her and taking the prescription of natural medications she had advised I was a lot better and by week 4/5 back to whatever normal is these days!! I had almost been on the verge of going on HRT that’s how desperate I was getting! So glad I didn’t and saw Francesca instead and that better alternatives do exist and work!

I am still seeing Francesca as clearly being pre menopause will have its ups and downs but I can cope again now and feel on top of it. Francesca’s approach is very nurturing – she is a very good active listener and was very in tune with what I needed, taking a holistic approach to my health and well being. She clearly knows what she is doing and I feel in very good hands under her advice and guidance.

K.D. London

Assisting Birth

Francesca Provenzano started to treat me homoeopathically from approximately half way through my pregnancy was present during my labour and delivery and is still treating me constitutionally.

From the start I felt that Francesca was paying close attention to my progress and felt very safe in her hands. I was very clear in my mind that I didn’t want any kind of medial painkiller during the delivery, which is why I was so glad to have the chance to have Francesca with me throughout the process. She arrived at the Birth Centre within just a few minutes of my arrival, when I was having my initial examination. Throughout the delivery I was very comforted to know she was in the room, and every time she gave me some remedy it was always very gentle and considerate and took no effort on my part whatsoever. During moments when she was not giving me remedies I was almost completely unaware of her presence. In the following few days Francesca also helped me with some post-op remedies and it made a world of difference: almost from one day to the next I felt more together and stronger.

I intend to have more children, and when the time comes I would do it all again and hope that Francesca would again be able to make it to the delivery.

Many thanks again Francesca!

Natacha Bisarre, 23 June 2011