Grass Allergy

Francesca is a gifted homeopath. Not only she’s knowledgeable but she’s also attuned to her patients and she can understand beyond the spoken word what is needed. She puts people at ease and makes you feel heard and understood. 

She helped my son with homeopathy to overcome a severe allergy to grass. I’m very grateful to her and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Elena Rowland

Complex social needs

My son has complex social needs which made school and home life challenging. Francesca’s warm rapport and patience helped to understand my son’s needs and she gave a series of homeopathic remedies which has helped him immensely.

I would highly recommend Francesca if you are searching for a homeopath. 


Reflux Oesophagitis

I first visited Francesca Provenzano in June, preferring to try alternative medicine rather than conventional.  I am keen not to take too many chemical medications. Francesca was very understanding, calm and knowledgeable, and she understood my problem immediately.  I felt very confident with the course of treatment she recommended and by the time I had finished the course my problem had disappeared.

I have every confidence in homeopathy treatments and also in Francesca.  I would definitely recommend anyone to try homeopathy.      

AB, London

Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain

I got to know about Francesca through my son who had a major improvement within 6 months of being treated for his Psoriasis. I started the treatment for Arthritis pain in June 2018. Other than the pain I had stiffness and trouble in walking plus the usual aches and pains in other parts of the body.

Within 4 months I started feeling a difference, my stiffness is already to a very low level now and I have had a major change in pain and I am able to walk now without any difficulty, so it is about 60% difference in pain and my overall condition. I am very happy and satisfied with my ongoing treatment.

Husna Bukhari, London

Otitis media

I’m seeing Francesca with my 16-month-old for the past months to treat her chronic ear infection and she has helped us a great deal. I can see baby Olivia growing stronger and more confident with the help of Homeopathy. Most importantly Francesca helped me to gain confidence and trust in these natural remedies so we now don’t even need antibiotics or any fever downers which was the monthly treatment for Olivia before. Francesca also teaches me some knowledge of Homeopathic remedies so I can learn how to home-treat common issues like teething or colds. 

I’m so pleased to have found a very sensible and gentle Homeopath and will continue to recommend her to anyone who seeks medical help. 



5 months ago I’ve experienced hair loss and Alopecia, I visited Francesca in the clinic and I started taking some homeopathic medications, serums and shampoos we took some appointments on facetime, today my hair started to grow again and I’ve seen a great improvement, she helped me to get over it with amazing results.

Arwaa Nassief


I have been an eczema sufferer for nearly 3 years now and it got to a stage where I would get it so severely on my hands, scalp and face that I couldn’t leave the house without wearing cotton gloves. The eczema was constantly itching and my hands were bleeding as the skin was so brittle and inflamed. The only thing that helped was a very potent cortison cream and I really did not want to be dependent on something that thins the skin and is generally bad for your health. I was looking for alternative ways to battle my eczema, had tried a lot of things but nothing helped.

Francesca approached the problem from within and helped me find the root of it. A mixture of natural moisturising creams, homeopathic pills/globuli to help aid my emotional state and stress levels, changing my diet plus the emotional support she gave me talking through my problems at the one-to-one sessions, did the trick.

I am now glove free and able to tackle the breakouts before they even happen. I’ve got my hands back, and all without needing cortison creams!

Sally Cooper, London

ME/Chronic Fatigue/Fybromyalgia

I have received treatment from Francesca for over 10 years. My condition is ongoing and often causes immobility, I’m registered disabled. Without Francesca’s homeopathic treatment I’m not quite sure how I would have coped. Francesca is patient, caring and extremely good at being able to listen, interpret diagnostically in a way that has a positive and often immediate physical effect on my varying conditions. This allows me to be in life as an active and multi-talented creative.

I’m extremely grateful and anticipate my continuation of this wonderful treatment in years to come with great gratitude, relief, and joy.

Thank you.

Ms Ebun Culwin

High Blood Pressure

I went to see Francesca to improve my blood pressure by natural homeopathic means. I found her very thorough and attentive and began reducing my intake of the pharmaceutical candesartan, which I had been taking for a number of years, from 16 mg per day to 8 then 4. My blood pressure remained good, averaging around 130/84. Then finally I stopped taking candesartan altogether. My vitality has also increased.

Now in my seventieth year I feel delighted to know that I do not need to rely upon a pharmaceutical drug and feel grateful to Francesca for her guidance and for the existence of homeopathy itself.

Alan Denman

Chronic tonsillitis

Francesca’s empathic and holistic approach to health has been key in treating our daughter who had chronic and acute tonsillitis.

For over three years she suffered frequent bouts of it and seemed to be generally unwell most of the time. Francesca treated her deeply and our reliance on antibiotics has diminished as we have seen our daughter’s immunity strengthened considerably. She is now able to shake off sore throats and infections that once threatened her well-being. I feel we have got our old daughter back.

We will be continuing to use Francesca for all our ailments and stress both physical and emotional.

Thank you.

Emily – SE 4

Vestibular ataxia

I had been having problems keeping my balance for some time (causing me to fall over for no apparent reason while walking down the street) when I was encouraged to try homeopathic treatment to see if it might help.

I knew very little about it but was happy to try anything as my falling over was getting worse. I was immediately impressed with the homeopathic approach which was the most holistic, respectful and gentle treatment I had ever had and I felt very comfortable with Francesca whose sincerely caring, open and professional approach was very refreshing and reassuring to say the least. Feeling that Francesca genuinely cared about helping me made a huge difference. She created a safe space that allowed me to open up and look at every aspect of my life and not just the issue that was causing me problems.

I am very pleased to say that the sessions with Francesca and the remedies she prescribed which I took over the course of several months meant the treatment was 100% successful and as an added benefit it also changed my view of my own health and wellbeing for the better in the process.

E. Bagger SE 12, 2009


To Francesca

It was really a blessing to get your homeopathic medical support in time of need.

I found your diagnosis, intervention and medicines very helpful, particularly the treatment you prescribed for disturbed sleep.

Thank you very much!

S.B. (SE10)

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