Francesca Provenzano has been Greenwich Mind’s Homeopath since 2011. As we are a mental health charity, she has offered her services as a Homeopath for free to our service users. She has treated clients suffering from moderate to very severe mental health conditions, most of whom have also had chronic physical illnesses.

She has always been very professional; honest, extremely reliable and very liked by those who work with her.

We refer to Francesca some of our most challenging clients who have struggled with talking therapy and conventional medicine. We often refer clients to Francesca when all else has failed, which is the greatest compliment I can give!

Homeopathy is not for all, and a few have gone to the initial assessment and decided it was not for them. However, the clients who have decided to continue with treatment cannot speak highly enough about the benefit they have gained from working with Francesca.

I believe that this sense of “benefit” comes from three things. Firstly, Francesca’s incredibly compassionate way of working, enabling clients to feel heard and believed. Secondly, she’s a good diagnostician with good medical knowledge, and she can explain what is happening to clients in a way they understand, giving them self-care advice that enables them to take a more active part in their own well being. Thirdly, and importantly, our clients report that her homeopathic remedies and supplements have helped greatly.

Thus, as her line manager and on behalf of the clients she has worked with, I can warmly recommend Francesca both as a skilled homeopath and as a worker.

Yours faithfully
Jo Somerset (Day Services Manager, Greenwich Mind, 2000-2017)